Business Traveler

Maria Mpelkas, Global MBA, International Finance My summer working on my summer consulting project was not without travel experiences like my peers. However unlike my peers I was traveling for my full time job, while my internship efforts were completed in the U.S.   I would find myself on the road for almost 6 weeks from mid-June to August traveling internationally to places as close as … Continue reading Business Traveler

A Whole New Group

Maria Mpelkas, Global MBA , International Finance While most students were planning for internships at international destinations, I was looking internally at my organization to determine where I might want to explore. As a part time student and full time professional I opted to complete my project at my place of employment. One of my goals as I started my project was to learn about … Continue reading A Whole New Group


Jamaican Me Crazy

Stephanie Dombkowski, International Marketing, Jamaica Wow has three months flown by! Never would I have thought I would get such an incredible opportunity to spend three months in Jamaica. Six months ago when the internship opportunity presented itself, I thought how could I not choose paradise to be my home for three months. Now that I am home, I feel Jamaica you did not disappoint! … Continue reading Jamaican Me Crazy

MoBay sunset

“Stir It Up”

Kristina Mello, NU2U Electronics, Jamaica While in Jamaica working for NU2U Electronics, LTD., I had the opportunity to visit Kingston twice. My first visit included attending the NU2U investor meeting, which fortunately happened to take place while I was there. It was great to be present for part of that, and to be able to give my thoughts on a few matters. My second trip to … Continue reading “Stir It Up”

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What’s App Jamaica?

Stephanie Dombkowski, International Marketing, Jamaica In my last post, I explained the rapid growth of mobile usage in Jamaica. The other phenomenon within mobile trends in Jamaica is the use of the What’s App platform. If you are not familiar with the application here is the definition from the What’s App website. “‘WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages … Continue reading What’s App Jamaica?

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Business in Jamaica

   Kristina Mello, Global MBA, International Finance As a part- time Global MBA student, concentrating in International Finance, I have the opportunity to conduct my consulting project in Jamaica, for NU2U Electronic, LTD. The goals for my project include running cash flow analysis for the company to help them determine whether or not they can undertake certain projects that are of interest to them, as … Continue reading Business in Jamaica



Stephanie Dombkowski, Rokben/NU2U Electronics, Jamaica Yes because in Jamaica it is normal to have several phones and phone numbers. In fact, it has been reported that Jamaicans now own more mobile phones than there are people in the country at around 3.1 million phones. Since the early 2000’s the technological advancements of mobile phones and devices have created extremely affordable interpersonal communication methods through data … Continue reading CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Il n’est pas chance qui ne retourne

Francis McLoughlin, International Marketing This past weekend I made the short trek from London to Paris via the Chunnel. Flying would have taken 1/2 as long and cost £100 less but I figured this was going to be one of the few times I would have the change to take the train. I arrived at Gare du Nord around 7pm and thought I could walk … Continue reading Il n’est pas chance qui ne retourne